Soni Firdaus

little introduction

I `discovered my passion ~ for programmer when I was a sophomore in Academy of Information and Computer Management Bina Sarana Informatika in 2012 as a desktop programmer (Visual Basic 6), It was then when it became clear what I wanted to do for a living. I pursued my career at the Start up companies are quite large in West Jakarta where I work as a desktop programmer (VB6). A year later I switched to web programmer with the laravel and codeigniter framework, where I discovered the love for code. After that, I switched to backend developer with nodejs and usually when I want to create an API (Application Programming Interface) I use expressjs because I am very interested in that language, until now I still use it

Birthdate : 14/12/1987
Skype : sonifirdaus
Phone : +6285817564773
Email :
Website :
Adress : Tangerang

  • Web Developer
  • Backend Developer
  • System Architecture


  • Creative 70%
  • Communication 80%
  • Leadership 85%
  • English 70%